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Overview Our company focuses on the production and application of the cables in continuous casting steel production. We have rich on-site usage experience, which provides us with technical guarantees for manufacturing high-quality communication cables. For cables of different applications, we have different protection requirements, such as high temperature resistance, anti-pull, acid and salt spray resistance, slightly positive pressure heavy-duty connector, anti-oil pollution, anti-interference, etc. Common industriaI cable for continuous casting 1. Breakout prediction compensation cable 2. Mold level control cable 3. Mold oscillation cable 4. VUHZ sensor cable 5. Mold width adjustment cable 6. Dynamic lightly depress the cable 7. Fixed cable for ladle slag 8. Movable cable for ladle slag The quality control All our products use proven materials to ensure stable and reliable product quality from the source. The core equipment all adopt imported raw materials. From raw material control to wire harness integrated processing, we ensure the stability and consistency of product quality. The scientific quality management system brings the product quality to a higher level. The program customization Our company has been focusing on the production and processing of wire harness products for many years. We have a professional technical team, which can realize synchronous development and technical docking with customers timely, optimize product design, and provide customers with complete solutions for wire harness products. Widely used: All kinds of wire harnesses produced by our company are widely used in major steel mills across the country, such as SHOUGANG, TISCO, HBIS GROUP, TIANJIN IRON PLANT, BAOGRANG GROUP, etc. The first-class product quality, and has won unanimous praise from domestic and abroad.
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