The fastest way to teleport to Vorkath

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Requirements and recommendations:

You have to have completed Dragon Slayer 2 which has certain requirements, such as 200 quest-points Legends Quest, Dream Mentor, Edgar's Ruse etc. You will also need some skills requirements like 60 Agility, 70smithing, etc. However, all of these requirements are worth the hard work that will yield dividends!

As this is a dragon creature, you will require a way to protect yourself against dragonfire breath . This can be anti-dragon shieldor dragon fireshield, or extended super antifire potion that frees your hand for defender and will also give you an attack bonus. Additionally, you'll need runes to cast the "crumble dead" spell which consumes 2 air 2. 2 earth and 1 chaos rune. But you can use Dust runes to clear 1 slot in your inventory/rune pouch.

I strongly recommend that you have Fremennik elite diaries complete, as this will give the fastest way to teleport to Vorkath. This teleportation method is compatible with Ornate rejuvenation pool in your player owned house which can restore your HP, Prayer and Special attack bar. This pool needs at least 82 points of construction which is quite high . However, the availability of these options will boost your kills per minute dramatically therefore it's worth the effort! If you will consider training construction, refer to our other guide at the link below:

If you don't have a rejuvenation pool or shoes from fremennik elite, I suggest that you switch some of your supplies to super restores and saradomin beverages to make longer trips.

Combat Requirements:

There are no strict combat requirements to kill Vorkath The following combat skills will enhance your experience:

90+ Attack

90+ Strength

90+ Defence

90+ Hitpoints

> 70 Prayer (for making use of Piety)

Gear configuration:

First gear set-up is the most inexpensive and ought to suffice for 1-3 kills per trip. If you're interested in the item's names and costs (2019 June) You can refer to a list below:

Neck slot: Save amulet (ei)Head slot: Serpentine Helm, 3.4M (which is the top head slot items, except that if you're playing blue dragons task change it for slayer's helm)

Arrows slot The slot can be used to grant any blessing. the word "unholy" in this example, 100k~

Cape: Your best cape. Change it to an infernal or Ardougne.

Armor slot: Any mele barrow pieces that use Guthan's slot, but you can purchase Torag's for 300k~

Weapon: Zamorakian Hasta, 15M

Shield slot: Dragon Defender

Gloves: Barrows

Boots Dragon Boots, 400k

Ring: Ring of Wealth, 13k

Spec. weapon: Bandos godsword, 10M (best spec. weapon against Vorkath!)

Inventory: Your best supplies, don't forget runes for "Crumble undead" spell!

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